Autism & Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a well recognized and established form of natural treatment for all forms of ASD.​

This is due to its careful consideration of the patient as a “whole”. It is gentle, safe, non-toxic and non-addictive…..and this is why it is so helpful in the treatment of so many conditions, including the variety seen in ASD patients.
For example:

  • Speech, Communication and eye contact
  • Anxiety, over-reaction to change of routine and repetitive behaviours
  • Bowel and Digestive complaints
  • Sleep disorder
  • Poor feeding and low immune system
  • Sensitivity to noise, light, texture and unfamiliar surroundings
  • Vaccine damage and toxicity/side effects from medication
  • Allergies

Homeopathy can be used by all the family and having worked with children and their families, I am very aware of the stress and burden and subsequent challenge to the health of parents and siblings. I therefore offer homeopathy to all family members if required.

​ It can also be used alongside conventional medicine from your GP.


Why see a Homeopath ?

A homeopathic appointment gives you time and a unique understanding between patient and practitioner. First consultations can last up to one hour or more and further “follow up” appointments at least half an hour.

​A homeopath works holistically, taking the patient’s “whole” case, enabling her/him to gain a mental, physical and emotional picture of their patient.

In my experience, attending to one’s health with homeopathy brings about a very clear understanding of how our own individual bodies are currently behaving or reacting and this awareness alone can initiate the confidence in working with ourselves to get better.  I can only otherwise describe my own experience as “everything making more sense” when I saw a homeopath.

How Homeopathy works

Homeopathy is an alternative method of healthcare that is based on the ancient principle of “like cures like”. This means you give a little bit of what the patient is suffering, in a remedy form, and it will stimulate the body system to re-balance itself or regain “homeostasis” and the symptoms will ease. For example, giving the homeopathic remedy Allium cepa, from the onion family, to a patient with hayfever or perhaps cold symptoms of streaming, burning, watery eyes, very runny nose, may offer great relief.

Remedies are generally made from natural matters, such as plants, and minerals. They can be given in pillule, powder or liquid form and contain no chemicals, bulking agents or additives.

Remedies can also be made of substances that may have caused harm to the body’s system, such as pharmaceutical medication and content in vaccines. I refer to this as Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT).

Homeopathy offered to you in East Horsley, Surrey by Ali Lomax ​LCHE, RSHom.


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